Reach Genetics will provide ancillary services to the Hemp Industry within the sectors of real estate, management consulting, research & development, industrial equipment, and green construction operations. Reach Genetics intends to radically improve the success rate of companies and profoundly increase the number of successful businesses in the Hemp Industry, while generating revenues and securing potentially lucrative equity holdings in these companies. Descriptions of the Company’s service offerings are outlined below.


We intend to acquire real estate and asset facilities which we can develop or retro-fit for the Company’s grow or other licensed legal hemp growers and distributors. According to available industry information, there is a significant demand for such facilities which is not currently being met by the commercial real estate industry. In addition, the supply of legal hemp friendly facilities and agricultural real estate is rapidly increasing in value in key markets such as Oregon. Through our pending acquisitions, we will be able to enter this market as a product manufacturer ad grower.


Through our pending acquisitions, we have acquired 4 scientists, each of whom has between 10 to 25 years of operational experience in the legal industrial hemp industry. We intend to offer both established industry participants as well as start-up operators a wide variety of management and operational services, including licensing, compliance, growth structure, facility build-out and expansion. Starting a grow site is typically extremely complex, with varying rules, regulations, and legal risks involved. Because of the experience of our management and employees, we believe that our Company can provide valuable assistance and guidance.


The company has scientists who over the years have garnered the largest genetic collection of Hemp seeds allow them to create strains that will flourish in any locale and climate. Reach Genetics intends to use this to benefit its business partners, when seeking to provide a solution for those suffering from ailments or chronic illnesses who may benefit from the use of specifically created plants matched to help a particular ailment. The Company will avidly focus on researching and developing cutting-edge technologies to benefit the Hemp Industry.


The cultivation business is very insular and regional, providing ample opportunities for the Company’s nation-wide reach to penetrate untapped markets and gain an advantage of smaller providers due to sheer economies of scale. The extraction business includes specific testing to insure THC levels are maintained below the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp amendment and state industrial hemp pilot program regulations.


Reach Genetics will utilize its expertise in hempcrete, a building material. The Company will also provide its clients with innovative green construction solutions that not only help decrease operational costs, but will also provide growing and cultivating ease.


Reach Genetics will provide hemp businesses with ancillary support through industry-leading, full-service management, financial, operational, and executional services.

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