• REACH Genetics, Inc. entered into an equity purchase agreement to acquire 7GENx LLC, a Boulder, Colorado based Hemp genetics research and Development Company.
  • 7GENx LLC focuses on creating proprietary hemp cultivators to meet the current and emerging market demands for use in breeding for agricultural, industrial and medical purposes. Its team of scientists collect data and analysis the chemical, genetic and phenotypic profiles of hemp, allowing the company to create proprietary varieties of hemp that are targeted for specific uses for current or emerging markets. Additionally, 7GENx intends to restore regenerative hemp-based agriculture, food, fuel and fiber economies for the health, safety and welfare of the planet by providing small select farms in Colorado (and other states with state approved hemp programs) with hemp cultivation and harvesting techniques, elevated organic methods and practices, and proprietary rich hemp oil extract varieties that meet state hemp program standards.

REACH Genetics, Inc.’s management is currently targeting hemp companies and certified organic real estate property, strategically positioning the Company across the globe. While REACH Genetics, Inc. intends to revolutionize the hemp industry through plant breeding and genetics, the expansion of its research labs and genetic scientists will enable trading on a global level through the distribution of popular hemp cultivars. The Company’s specialty CBD oils along with branded hemp retail products and “Hempcrete” construction goods, empowers a marketplace with unlimited solutions. We currently sell our Premium Whole Plant Extract (CBD oil) called Farmers Hemp Extract in 500mg and 1000mg with Zero THC.


REACH Genetics, Inc. is driven far beyond the bottom-line, it’s the goal to provide products of the highest quality while contributing to the sustainability of the communities with the privilege of serving. REACH’s management does not import mystery plants or buy seeds from unreliable sources. The Company is founded on the principal of organically grown hemp that shows promise for so many. REACH’s own proprietary seed bank allows oversights on every plant, on every farm, from seed to harvest and beyond. REACH Genetics, Inc.’s plants have been developed to have a superior phytochemical profile known anywhere in the hemp industry with the purpose of creating healthy supplements and environments.