Experienced Management Team & Industry Experts

Reach Genetics, Inc. brings together a leadership team that merges traditional business management with Hemp Industry Experience over 20 years, employs the scientist with the original PHD in Hemp Genetics, specialists in Plant Breeding & Genetics, Native American consulting for Hemp Growers and the Largest Hemp Seed Genetic Library. This merger of industry-relevant expertise is what will allow the Company to take advantage of the growing Hemp industry. Reach Genetics, Inc. will be able to provide mission critical, ancillary business services to the industry, essentially becoming a specialized consultant and hemp-specific business incubator.

Business Model Synergies & Increased Levels of Operational Efficiency

Bringing together the most lucrative aspects of its companies, Reach Genetics has absorbed the expertise of each entity to be able to offer its services on a mass, international basis. Through the synergies of each entity, the Company has the ability to go to market with a positive value proposition and positive earnings, boasting high levels of operational efficiency and the reduction of management costs to individually run each subsidiary company. Operating efficiencies for the Company will arise from:

  • Economies of scale;
  • Greater pricing power and higher margins resulting from greater market share;
  • Combination of different functional strengths;
  • Higher levels of growth from new and expanded markets.


Cindy Boerum

Chief Executive Officer
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Ms. Boerum became the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. in November 2017, after serving as Chief Operating Officer since 2016. Ms. Boerum was Vice President of Sales and Consultant for Accentia International Outsourcing Company in Hyberdad, India, from 2009 to 2011. The leadership position included overseeing national and international sales teams. 

Previously, Ms. Boerum held positions of Vice President of Sales for Opus Healthcare in Austin, TX. 2004 to 2007 and positioned the company for acquisition by NextGen. She also held the positions of Enterprise Vice President of National Accounts and Sales Manager for the top 32 health organizations nationally at McKesson from 1989 to 2003. During this time, she received various top performer awards, not only from McKesson, but also the state of Minnesota.