About us


Through providing ancillary services to Hemp and Canna-businesses, Reach Genetics brings significant value-add to start-up and emerging ventures in the industry, as highlighted below.


With a multitude of service offerings, the Company provides its clients with a one-stop-shop for all of their real estate, management consulting, industrial equipment, green construction, and research and development needs. 

Value-Added Services

Operators in the hemp industry will find that they can save money and resources by using REACH’s services to perform duties that were once performed in-house. For example, it will be less expensive for Hemp businesses to allow Reach Genetics to administer quality control, safety, supply management, and payroll services than to pay employees or hire additional staff to do the same services. 


Through utilizing Reach Genetics ancillary services, Hemp businesses can focus their time and efforts on their areas of specialization. For a growing firm, that may mean focusing efforts on producing a higher yield of grows. For a distributor, it may mean having more manpower and time to capture market share and innovative new avenues to distribute their products. Reach Genetics will help its clients not just to save money, but also to save time that can be efficiently used towards improving their overall craft and product offering.

Higher ROI on Client Acquisition Costs

Through cross-selling its multitude of services to its existing client base, the Company will essentially be able to reduce it client acquisition costs through servicing one client multiple times. Each successful cross-sell will further increase its average ticket price per client bolstering REACH’s growth potential and overall profitability.